IR Treatment Procedures

Dr. M C Uthappa ( MBBS FRCS FRCR )

Interventional Radiologist

Dr Uthappa has been a consultant interventional radiologist for 5 years in UK and for the past 8 years in Bangalore. He has performed over 13,500 procedures in the last 15 years.

He has performed various vascular interventions (Angiograms, Angioplasty, Venoplasty, Vascular stenting), Hepatobiliary interventions (Chemoembolisation and Radioembolisation for liver tumors, embolisation in hepatic arterial and venous injury, RF ablation for liver tumours, Biliary drainage and stenting, Hepatic vein stenting, TIPSS), GI interventions (mesenteric angiograms, SMA stenting, Embolisation for various forms of GI bleeding, Oesophageal dilatation and stenting), Urology interventions (nephrostomy, ureteric stenting, Varicocele embolisation), Gynaecology procedures (Fallopian tube recanalisation, Uterine fibroid embolisation, Ovarian vein embolisation, embolisation procedures in high risk pregnancy), embolisation of vascular malformations, Varicose vein ablation procedures, RF ablation for Palliation in various forms of cancers and Central venous access for dialysis and chemotherapy. In the last one year he has performed the first case prostate artery embolisation and microwave ablation for liver cancer in south india.

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